About Seth

I am third year student of the Interactive Arts and Technology program at Simon Fraser University. I am based in the beautiful Vancouver metropolitan area, one of Canada’s most vital media and technology hubs.

I am studying to become employed in the games industry as a UX or UI designer. I have become skilled in a number of disciplines relating to this goal, such as programing and graphic design.

I pride Myself on my creative ability, as applied to my approach toward problems I have solved within both academic and professional spaces. The contents of this portfolio showcase this creative ability.

Game Design

Shred It!

'Shred It!' is an awesome rhythm game where you face off in rock battles against rival guitarists. The game features 3 stages, each of which features unique original backgrounds, characters, and music tracks. Prepare to rock your way to the top!

Processing (Programing) - Photoshop (Art Assets)

(April / 2023)

User Experience Design

Monte Creek Winery Website

The Monte Creek winery website was a collaborative effort with four other students. It was completed for an information design class. The project serves to reimagine the web presence of the Monte Creek Winery near Kamloops, Canada.

Figma (Design and Demonstrative Functionality)

(October / 2022)